Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Think I'm Related to Bigfoot

I Think I'm Related to Bigfoot Poetry4kids 

Student's read the title,"Your related to Bigfoot?" (How cute is that?"  

  • They copied the poem from our blog and pasted in Voice Memo

  • Made 3 recordings, and kept the best piece

  • Shared with a partner or the whole group, next step is to select "Your favorite"

A Funny Bigfoot Poem for Kids
I think I'm related to Bigfoot,
though nothing has ever been proved.
I sort of suspect he's a cousin,
just seven or eight times removed.

It's not that I'm apelike or hairy.
It isn't the size of my feet.
It's more on account of my family.
We're all fairly far from petite.

My sister is kind of a Bigmouth.
My brother could go by Bigsmelly.
My mother is known for her Bighair.
My father? You guessed it: Bigbelly.

And as for myself, I'm attractive.
You might even call me a cutie,
except for one obvious feature...
my family all call me Bigbootie.
--> --Kenn Nesbitt

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