Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Picnic Fun

Smiles Tell the Story
Southeast Alaska
Girl Time
Natural Colors ~ the sun brings out vivid colors
S' mores
Golden Brown

Ketchup or Mustard?
Golden Brown

Friday, May 3, 2013

Trash Detail

Data Collection Sheet: Here are some predictions.
  • I think I will mostly find paper. 
  • I think we will find a lot of plastic. 
  • I think I will pick up plastic bottles. 
  • My prediction is that we will find a lot of glass. 
  • I think we might find mostly glass because there's a lot of beach glass.
The Champions
     On Friday our class went to the beach to pick up trash. Tayen and I were the trash champions! I showed her a place on the side of the bushes with tons of trash that covered the ground. It was mostly plastic which was what I predicted. When i showed Tayen where I found it she yelled, "Holyits a trash castle." We collected so much. We filled up a small bag and the giant bag weighed 5 pounds! Then we took a picture together. Mrs. Brooks said, "Smile if you like trash!" And everyone smiled. I had a lot of fun, but I wish people would stop littering to take care of the earth. By Akasha

     I predicted that we will find a lot of plastic. It was a few days after Earth Day. We couldn't go on the really Earth Day because the weather was mostly rain. But that one day was different. I was so glad that we finally got to pick up trash. Most of the boys acted like girls' because girls don't like getting down and dirty. But the girls acted like boys just didn't mind getting dirty. We all put on our gloves. Mrs. Brooks said, "That we are having a contest." At the end the girls won. We won because one of the team mates saw a secret spot for finding garbage. But it wasn't for a prize it was so we can keep our planet clean. By Megan    
     I was predicting we would find paper. We found mostly plastic which was normal. Also Akasha and I were champs. We hit the jack pot under a house. I said, "This is a trash castle!" We found the most trash ever! It was so funny how we found so much trash. Our bag weighed 5 pounds. People should throw away their trash because there is a garbage can near by. By Tayen

     I predicted that we will get mostly glass because there's a lot of beach glass on the beach.  When we got to the beach we picked up pop bottles. I was surprised that we found plastic items on the beach. "That's a lot of plastic," I said. "Yeah it was," Coleton said. 
I noticed that people should throw away their trash since there's a garbage can nearby. By Jay.

   I predicted we mostly will find glass because there is a lot of beach glass. I found plastic, styrofoam, glass, paper, and other. My trash weighed 16 pounds. It was a good day to pick up garbage because it was nice out. I said, "My trash weighs 16 pounds." I noticed that my classmates picked up a ton of garbage. Mrs. Brooks said, "Lets have a contest." The girls won. They are champions of picking up garbage. Most of the plastic was pop bottles. I was shocked how many people throw away garbage on the beach. We need to keep our planet clean By Brady 

Trash Detail

They weighed and placed trash into categories. Paper, Styrofoam, Glass, Plastic, and Other.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sea WeeK

Beach Exploration
It's over there!
Do we have the three shells?
On the Scavenger Hunt ~ See the animal footprints!

"Red Roover send Demetrious over!

How to Play Red Rover 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Salmon Study

Questions and Answers

Fifth Grade students are studying about the life cycle of the Pacific Salmon.

See the Math

The Fish Hatchery Field Trip, lunch, and Salmon Habitat Survey.
Lunch by the River

Lunch at the Gazebo

What's the temperature?
The water is . . .
The temperature is  . . .
Add caption

Salmon begin their journey.

They are wrote, What Do You Know About Salmon . . .
What would you like to know about . . .
They will review their notes later to see if their ideas have changed. 

Dissect a Salmon use link Salmon Dissection

Links can be found at Sea-Week
Watercolor Fish Lesson Watercolor Fish Idea for Salmon Paintings