Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Character Writing

Students are creating a character to use in their writing. The idea developed after watching singer Taylor Swift, a live classroom webcast. She shared how she wrote stories about her friends. She expressed, "When I was 12 or 13, my family spent the summer like at the shore. And I missed my friends back home so much. That, I would spend all my days locked in the den at ah computer just writing a novel. I did add all my friends from school in my novel so I didn’t miss them as much. It ended up being like 400 pages long.” 
My students were excited about using their friends in a story.
She also talked about the Genre she read as a kid.  She shared when reading adventures, “It’s fun to escape from where you are in your life and jump into someone else’s.”
referred from, TaylorSwift Webcast

They will create and customize their character using the
 Handmade Template

Kids are creating their character. "Are we going to do it again tomorrow?" a student asked. I replied, "Yes." "Goood!" he answered.
Begin with, [Homework] character writing = done
First Page of packet = done 
Then, Create your character 
Characters in my story.
Here are a few characters from 5th Period.

Designer Characters

Accordion Paragraph color.pdf

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