Wednesday, February 6, 2013


10-16-12 Students read the 1st chapter in special places. (Quiet places like tents made with coats)

Are you Pro's or Con's?

EDMODO: Our class did a poll of their opinion . . ."Sasquatch or Bigfoot.

Were reading Sasquatch; is our first novel study from the Battle of the Book list.  The author is Roland Smith
  1. Before they began reading, they did an author investigation to make a connection between a book and an author's life
 2. Then, they created “thick” questions that they would like Roland Smith to answer by e-mail. 

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They asked questions like What if? What caused? Why do you think?
  • Read: BEFORE . . . and Chapter 1 
Used Thinking Stems 
Making Connections:
This reminds me of . . .
Am experience I have had like that . . .

Bigfoot inadvertently Caught iphone 

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