Thursday, September 20, 2012

State Report

Finale! Sharing their state report with a partner.
Creating a Ethnic Pie Graph
Researching info from state sites on our blog.
Friends helping friends

Kids Cooking in the USA
[5] 2.2.2 Writing in a variety of nonfiction forms using appropriate information and structure (i.e., step-by step directions, description, observations, or report writing)

Washington State's Seal
Kids are researching and adding more!
There are several parts of the project.
  1. Students will create a brochure (also referred to as a pamphlet)  Or create a document on Page. 
  2. Write to a state tourism office to request information like a brochure and map.
  3. Use the outline form to record information on their state.
Cover will include:
Picture of the State, State Flag
Statehood Date, State Motto
Side One:
State Facts: Capital, Population, Area Nickname
Famous For Interesting places to visit
Side Two:
Two different types of maps.
Physical landform relief (Hand drawn or molded in clay)
Natural Resource Map
 Interesting information
Side Three Design a bar, line, circle or pie graph for the following topics:
Ethnic groups in population
Back Cover will include:
Bibliography of book sources
Bibliography of web sites
 Research using several of the following sites:
Created a state map, state flag, and took a photo. Then placed on Pages App.

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